Gift-giving is, at its heart, a means of expressing our feelings and emotions. Whenever people give gifts to each other, they attempt to find something creative that perfectly matches the person they are giving it to. In Japan there is a saying, “if someone likes the gift you have given them, it is as if you have given them a part of your very soul.” But how do we go about achieving that? What is the perfect gift to “give part of your soul” to the person you care about? Flowers? Jewelry? No! Sand! Now, you may ask, “sand? What do you mean?” More specifically, I mean sand art. Sand art is the latest trend in gifts. A sand painting or video is not an ordinary, everyday gift, but something much more; a truly creative and versatile present that can be adapted to suit any special occasion in the life of your loved ones and look fantastic at the same time. Whether it be a wedding, anniversary, birthday, holiday, or any other special occasion, sand-art is an easy way to give a part of “your soul,” as well as a memorable piece of personalized art that will delight its recipients as well as everyone else that lays eyes on it. Join the trend by buying a truly original and unforgettable gift today.