Sand Art

I was captivated by the magic of sand painting since I saw the first picture! And since then, I knew that I wanted to show this art to the world!

Svetlana Köse
General Manager of the Sand-Art Creative Agency

The Sand Art creative agency is based in Germany and is well-known throughout Europe. 

Our mission is to inspire people all over the world through fascinating and unique sand art.

Svetlana Köse, founder of the agency, lives in Berlin. She is very fond of theatre, ballet, and literature. As art is her passion, she decided to create something unique by combining various artistic forms and share them with the world. Together with artists of the highest level, she wants to enrich the world through the unforgettable, magical medium of sand painting.

As the modern world faces many challenges, and our lives are increasingly intertwined with technology, it feels like we are drowning in the chaos of our dynamic, modern world. We aim to awaken feelings in many people with this unique art form. Sand art offers endless possibilities and touches people’s hearts across the globe. Our artists fascinate the audience with their emotional and touching paintings and bring back forgotten emotions.