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Sand painting brings your own personal story to life in a fascinating way. It is ideal as a unique, classy and noble gift for a wedding, a birthday or an anniversary

Conclude a unique celebration with fascinating sand paintings

You have the opportunity to order a spectacular sand art video or an extraordinary sand animation live performance and to surprise your loved ones with a unique gift which astonishes your guests.

The sand art video is carefully crafted in accordance with the personal story of the recipient. On the basis of your selected pictures, our sand artist creates a personal story with the sand. In this way, the artist incorporates the portrait of the receipient into the personalized narrative in the most detailed way.

Is ideal for:

Sand painting is an ideal gift for your loved ones

If you are looking for gift ideas for a birthday to touch the birthday child on an emotional level, sand painting is the perfect medium to bring their own story to life in a magical way and to give the birthday child a unique gift. Also, if you want to celebrate an important and big anniversary in an original and creative way, you can capture unique moments of a long story in beautiful sand paintings That will delight and touch the hearts of your guests.

You also deserve credit for all the joy as you have made that gift and given the sand painting video. The guests will reward the artist as well as you with standing ovations.

Sand artist performance

Whether you are looking for gift ideas for an anniversary, a wedding or a birthday, sand painting is always the right choice. Sand painting can also be given as a gift: Order a voucher for sand painting. Surprise your loved ones and put a smile on their faces.

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