Sand painting live performance for event

Sand painting is the perfect highlight for your event. This flexible art form can immortalise many different moments.

The sand artists of the Sand-Art creative agency are the highlight of any event. They can display emotional moments of personal life as well as the successful product of a company or the moving story of a person.

At a public appearance, the sand artist performs personally on site and presents the story as a part of your event.

In the sand-painting video the story is painted and filmed by the artist so that it can be incorporated in the event individually.

Program of an event production:

The artist creates the story based on materials which the Sand-Art creative agency receives by the customer. Photographs, handwritten family stories, product designs, corporate identities and many different materials can be used for the development of the story.

Based on the provided materials and in accordance with our customers, the sand artist develops a storyboard.

  1. In the first step, the storyboard is transformed in drawings on the paper.
  2. Then, the artist develops the sand paintings on a glass table, using a very special, distinctive style for the sand painting.
  3. The fascination of sand painting shows in the next step: now the individual paintings will merge together. The artist combines the paintings and develops a transition from one painting to the next. The eye is transformed into the moon shining over the forest fire or the columns in a building turn into a company logo.
  4. Now the most important step follows: the artist paints the story including all pictures in the previously determined sequence. Thereby, the surface area of the table for sand painting is filmed.
  5. Finally, the artist chooses together with Svetlana Köse, the manager of the Sand-Art creative agency, and the customer the right music to go with the story, accentuating it in a particularly emotional way.