Sand animation for birthday

Do you want to surprise your beloved ones with a unique birthday gift or organize a big birthday party culminating in a unique show act?

Based on your personal story, we create a personalized sand art video or an individual live performance for you. You can send us selected images as well as the desired music. Subsequently, our artist creates your unique story in sand and integrates your portrait into the personalized narration.

Sand animation allows you to bring your ideas to life and to breathe magic into a birthday party. Surprise the birthday child and the guests with an emotional sand art video and revive special moments from the life of the guest of honour.

Sand painting for birthdaySand painting for birthday

You also have the possibility to turn your anniversary into an extraordinary and unforgettable experience with a live performance by our sand artist. With soft and accurate movements, the artist breathes life into the images in front of the audience and creates a very special atmosphere. This way sand painting becomes the highlight of the birthday party.

Sand animation does not only allow you to amaze astound the birthday child with an extraordinary gift, it also inspires the audience and creates unforgettable memories.

Gifts that tell something about the birthday child jubilee

In a sand animation video, the entire family can bring together ideas which tell the life story of the birthday child.

From birth to special childhood moments or present-day life with one’s own children and family, the entire life story is immortalized in sand.

Order sand animation for a birthday
  • A gift with deep emotional meaning
  • A highlight at every birthday party
  • A gift that can be watched together with friends even years later
  • A live performance that offers pure entertainment
  • Moments that will be remembered forever
  • Sand painting that will surprise everyone!
Sand painting for birthdaySand painting for birthday

Witness the development of your personal story in sand

Based on photographs and short stories, the artist develops a storyboard about the life of the birthday child. This will be painted in sand and subsequently shot in high-definition.

The resulting video is professionally reworked and accompanied by suitable music.

Later, the finished sand painting video can be presented at the birthday party or individually within the family circle.