Sand animation

Sand animation is an highly personal and delicate art form that utilizes fine sand to create emotional, detailed and stunning drawings. Our sand painting artists use their hands to design the sand into unique images and bring a personal story to life.

Corporate event

Sand drawing videos and live performances are very popular among businesses and industries.

Wedding party

Based on your personal experiences which you tell us about and your most beautiful shared photographs.

Virtual event

The Sand Art creative agency creates sand drawing videos that you can stream online.

Birthday party

Sand drawing allows you to realize your ideas and to breathe magic into a birthday party.
Detailed description of our products:
We create individual sand animation videos for private and corporate customers. Based on our customer’s story, the videos are accompanied by music, and a detailed portrait of every customer is incorporated into the personalized sand painting story. All of our packages include images of portrait-like scenes. The high-resolution images are detailed and crisp, which enables the customer to print them as photos, as large posters and as banners.

Platinum – Length: approx. 15 minutes
Details: 12 fully elaborated paintings including 3 portrait-like scenes and 3 high-resolution images of those scenes

Gold – Length: approx. 10 minutes
Details: 8 fully elaborated paintings including 2 portrait-like scenes and 2 high-resolution images of those scenes

Silver – Length: approx. 6 minutes
Details: 6 fully elaborated paintings including one portrait-like scene and one high-resolution image of the scene