Corporate event show entertainment ideas

Corporate event show entertainment ideas

The day has come!  It is time to plan your next  long- awaited by all employees corporate event. Full of excitement, you start searching for the best entertainment ideas to make the event the most memorable than ever before. The right entertainment  will upgrade your event from good to simply the greatest, and everyone will be talking about  it for  many years to come. Let’s have a look at some entertainment ideas, that will fit to any type of corporate event, whether it is a company’s anniversary, a product launch, a Christmas party, or a celebration of an important milestone.

Sand animation show  for corporate events

Renowned companies from all types of industries around the world are choosing sand animation as a show for their corporate events. 

There are many reasons why this incredible form of art became so popular and beloved show for a corporate event. First, a sand animation show can be fully personalized, meaning it can fit to any occasion, any storyline and  company’s requirements.

Third, it is a popular, but yet a very unique way of celebrating company events, thus offering unforgettable memories and exciting emotions to your teammates and guests is guaranteed.

Second, a sand animation show implies a highly artistic level of performance,  letting everyone enjoy the event and mesmerizing all guests by its incredible beauty.

Last but definitely not the least, by creating a personalized show, you will keep not only warm memories of the event, but acquire an important work of art, telling the story of your company, its important milestones, showing portraits of team members witha lifelike accuracy and more. You can put on this video reminding of the incredible event you lived together during your next festive meeting  with a team, project it on a big screen to let newcomers learn about your corporate culture, and everyone else to fulfill their souls with pride and joy.


Bartender show

A cocktail bar with a professional bartender impressing  guests with a show and organizing a cocktail workshop. Whether  your event is with customers, partners or employees, success and fun  are guaranteed!

Magical entertainment

We all get excited about the power of magic! The magic tricks during a corporate event will definitely amaze and inspire all guests, letting everyone dive into their childhood memories and believing over and over in supernational things.

 Sports competitions and tournaments

Get people moving! There is no better way to do so than with sports, outdoor or indoor depending on the season when your event is taking place. The choice of competitions is endless: a bowling or a carting tournament, a running marathon or a boat race challenge during summer period could make everyone excited and energized!

Breakdance show

The breathtaking and astonishing moves of professional breakdancers gather amazed faces not only during street shows, but also at various events of all levels. This is definitely a way to energize your corporate guests and get them out of their seats into a dynamic dance.

The organization of the entertainment part of any event might not be an easy task, as it might require significant timely and financial resources. However keep in mind, you are not willing to create an overwhelming experience for your team members and guests, but exclusively a unique one, corresponding to the spirit of your corporate culture and the theme of the event.

So go ahead, stay creative, bold and we are sure that everyone will truly enjoy it and it keep all the best memories of it.