A show for birthday celebrations

A birthday celebration is a special occasion to be shared with family, relatives and friends. Adults cherish this special day of the year as much as children do, and it is always great to have all favorite people enjoy the party and share with each other the festivity of the day. So how to turn an ordinary birthday celebration into a truly memorable one? Since many years a sand show represents the most exquisite and beautiful part of any birthday celebration. The sand show is suitable for any ages, as the entertainment program is completely personable and can be adapted to all tastes, wishes and dreams.

A sand show for a birthday party

A birthday sand show is a real film of successive sand paintings that are drawn during the magical celebration evening.  Such a show is prepared with the help of  luminous glass, sand and a projector, and the whole story is displayed on a large screen. Sand artists carefully develop the story line and think through all the important aspects of the show in advance. Due to it’s highest flexibility, a sand artist can draw an animated greeting or prepare an entire film that tells the story of the birthday celebrant.

If it is a birthday of a child, there are so man wonderful fairy tales that can be immersed into a magical birthday show by the agency.

A client’s review on a birthday show

«My husband was turning 40 last year and I decided that this time I need to think of something special. I was thinking of an idea that could become two in one: as a birthday gift, but also as an entertainment program for our guests. I guess I was never so inspired when I first came up to an idea of organizing a sand show during the celebration. The entire process gave me so much joy, inspiration and positive feelings.  I still remember the moment, when the lights were off, the beautiful sand artist came up on the stage, the favorite song was on and literally everyone was mesmerized by what will happen next. We enjoyed an incredibly beautiful story of life of my husband, including portraits of our family, friends and relatives. And the surprise was not over! In order to diversify the birthday entertainment program, the sand artist even organized a master class for everyone, during which our guests realized their talents and tried to paint themselves an anniversary present to my husband. What an unforgettable and valuable time we had, thank you Svetlana and the team so much!»

Is it the birthday celebration of your beloved one coming soon? Feel free to get in contact with your creative agency Sand Art and see how our sand artists can organize the most magical birthday show ever.