Background on Concerts

Sand painting on concerts

Live performances

A live sand-painting background creates a very special sound experience where all senses are touched.

The play of light and shadow on the screen and on the face of the artist merges with smooth sounds and big melodies.

Sand painting can accompany classical as well as modern music. The various stories and paintings can be adapted to the style of the songs.

You can combine your band with sand painting as a “special effect” stage play as well as in a music video.

Sand art for music videos

Sand painting does not convince only live. This art can also perfectly accompany the music and the story which lies behind the song.

Similar as in the video production for weddings, anniversaries or commercials, an individual story can be told with sand in the music video.

Paintings that speak from the soul and in harmony with the music arouse emotions in spectators. Individual, media-effective and emotional – accompany your song with a sand painting music video!

A play of light and sand

Sand painting is not only light and shadow creating fascinating paintings in a flattering play, it is also the interaction with atmospheric music.

Live sand painting in concertos

Usually, the music goes along with the performance of the band. But at the concert, the sand painter can be either on stage and accompany the musicians, or suitably arranged extracts of sand painting can be displayed on a screen.