Sand Animation for Weddings

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Sand Animation for Weddings

Such an exciting and unique event in the life of a newlywed couple calls for equally magical and unforgettable moments.

At a wedding, this is first and foremost, the entertainment. It must be rich and vibrant, thrilling and touching, exciting and unforgettable.

The general public first became aware of this type of fine art, “sand art” or “sand animation”, on the famous TV show, “America’s Got Talent”. This amazing new type of modern creativity allows the artist to perform “live” paintings in front of an audience, as well as video recordings made in a studio with editing and special effects.

The sand is transformed in unison with music on a special illuminated surface thanks to the skillful hand movements and the ideas of the artist. Using a video camera and a projector, the image is transmitted to the screen. In this way, whimsical images take shape, smoothly replacing each other, immersing the viewer in their magical world.

A Sand Show as a “live” performance or in the form of a unique video, is a great gift for a wedding, immersing the audience in the history of the newlyweds, and filling them with magical feelings and emotions.

If you are looking for a truly original gift, a unique and spectacular show, then our sand animation is just what you need! Touching stories build a romantic mood, the fabulous images and futuristic motifs; we will create the right atmosphere for you, which will leave no guest indifferent! Sand animation for a wedding event is the trend of the current year, something that will make the wedding extra special.

It is with great joy that we offer you our services in presenting a Sand Show or creating a “Sand Video”. You can read more about our different offers by leaving a request in the form below.