Top 7 Ideas for Wedding Ceremonies During a Pandemic

Ideas for Wedding Ceremonies

Last year, the entire world was rocked by an event that took us all by surprise. The coronavirus appeared out of nowhere and changed nearly every aspect of our lives, including canceling a lot of plans for many people. Regardless of this, a wedding must be, nonetheless, a memorable and vibrant moment in life.

Here are the top seven trends for ensuring your wedding will be joyous no matter the limitations caused by the pandemic:

Top 7 Ideas

Caricature Artist

Although a wedding is often thought of as a very solemn occasion, moments of laughter are a must. A caricature artist provides an opportunity for the newlyweds to lighten the mood and share in a cheery, comical atmosphere by having their portrait drawn by a caricature artist.


Add a classy and slightly mythological touch to your wedding ceremony by hiring a harp player to perform. The gentle, relaxing sounds of a harp provide a very memorable, magical environment at a wedding.


A magician creates a show that is truly unique and magical. Dazzle your guests with feats and sleights of hand. The options are unlimited depending on what kind of show you prefer, from the popular “street magician” format, performing impressive but simple tricks, to much larger stage magic style performances.

Sand Artist

Add a truly customizable spectacle to your wedding with sand art. From creating sand videos based on famous scenes in the life of the couple to a full live sand performance. Watch in amazement as the sand artist shows the precious moments in the couple’s lives through the magic of sand animation.

Wedding Band

The old classic, the wedding band is every bit as suitable for weddings during our current pandemic times as it has ever been. Bands offer versatility, playing a variety of styles to suit the preferences of the newlyweds and guests.


For those preferring a more classical feel to their weddings, a pianist is an ideal choice. A pianist also brings versatility as nearly any kind of music can be played on a piano and sound great, from the classical masters to jazz to rock and contemporary.

Singing Waiters

For a type of entertainment that will take the guests by surprise, singing waiters offer a very unique touch. Imagine the amazement when the waiters suddenly burst into song, providing levity and a pleasant surprise to all who hear.