Show acts

show act

There is always a good occasion to celebrate a moment in the life of a person or a company. And when we say celebration, we mean joy and excitement! Creating a magnificent experience for guests is important if you want your event to be memorable. To attract the interest of your audience, you should keep them engaged. A great show act during the event captures the imagination of your guest with unique performers and incredible experiences creating a vibrancy around your event. However, it is not always easy to find the right idea for the show act to achieve that exact wow effect!So are you looking for inspiration? We have selected some extraordinary show act ideas to amaze your participants and make out of your event the unforgettable one.

Sand Animation live show act

One of the most exquisite and unique ways of entertaining guests during any kind of private or corporate event. The live sand show act involves a live performance by a talented sand artist on a stage, drawing the storyline and projecting the video onto a large screen in real time for a large audience. The sand artists enchant the guests with their exceptional ability of artistically and seamlessly portraying one image after another, conveying the story, and immersing everyone into the storyline with perfectly chosen sound and light effects.

With a personalized  sand animation show act you will keep not only  warm memories of the event, but acquire an exceptional sand masterpiece with a unique story created specially for this particular occasion.

Aerial Dance show act

Aerial dance is a very graceful sport and artistic discipline with spectacular and harmonious mixture of acrobatics and aerial movements. Today aerial artists use this  amazing form of art as a new means of expression, combining classical dance, modern jazz and contemporary dance. The aerial dance show act is a great way to engage the audience as the dancers perform directly near the guests and amaze  and thrill them with the physical and artistic abilities.

Rope Skiping show act

Known to all of us from our childhood’s playground times, skipping rope took over the world of sports and urban culture. A spectacular discipline par excellence,  the rope skipping show act will impress young and old ones by its dynamism and style. Inspired by hip hop dance culture, the skipping artists are surprising with a wide range of acrobatic figures performed with a grooving music in the background.

Interactive floor projection

Not a traditional show act idea, but surely an impressive one. Whether for a dance floor, the entrance room or the main hall floor, a responsive and interactive floor can be a very catching event idea, that will make the venue more attractive. This is achieved by using projectors and tracking cameras, involving displaying animated scenes with elements that interact with the audience as they pass over it. You can  even  create  a show act in a form of a game where  your guests have to run and catch different elements.

Video mapping show act

This show act is definitely  a great success story for a large sized corporate event. New technologies have allowed artists to take their dance and visual performances to a whole new level. The video mapping show acts  is all about music and specially produced computer graphics  being harmoniously incorporated into the artist’s performance, leaving a mark and wowing the audience with a magical ambiance.


Parkour – Free Run show act

The parkour-free run artists don’t walk the streets like me and you do! As you have certainly seen in many movies and YouTube videos, the parkour artists defy the laws of gravity and displacement by running through the streets obstacles, enjoying the freedom of  movement and their incredible physical abilities. Nowadays parkour is one of the most captivating show acts. A staged parkour includes a wide range of different physical performances such as acrobatics, tricks, dance or break dance, gymnastics and free run on built-in obstacles.

The ideas are endless! Simply think which concept would suit the most to the occasion and start looking for the professionals to help you organize your next unforgettable event!