Show for the 60th anniversary party

Show for the 60th anniversary party

60 is the new 30. Many of this age would tell that turning 60 is slowly saying goodbye to the stress of professional life, and hello to the new one filled with completely new adventures! It is stepping up to a new period of life when you can enjoy even more your family and friends, spend more time on trying new hobbies and doing activities that you couldn’t make before due to a busier lifestyle. 

You are definitely planning to celebrate these past 60 years with your family and friends. The celebration will be the proof of your success, as you will be surrounded by all those who have meant a lot to you over the past years and know the path you went through. So is it you or someone close to you who is celebrating the 60th anniversary this year?

Which show program to choose for the 60th birthday?

You already have the list of guests, the venue, the menu, the decorations and one thing still bothers you. Which show program to include to please the birthday celebrant  and the guests? For a 60 years old the childhood, previously lived important milestones in life may seem already far away. Thanks to personal stories, photos and video records, you can create a real story of life of the birthday celebrant that will remind of the most precious,- his or her personal journey of life

A sand animation show with the story of life including childhood moments, achievements, remarkable dates, as well as incorporating lifelike portraits of family members and friends became the most unique and beloved way of enriching the show program of the birthday celebration. Instead of simply using a background music for the performance, this time you can think of hiring a show orchestra group that will musically enhance the sand animation show, evoke emotions and make the 60th anniversary show event breathtaking and memorable. Combining this artistically unique show performance with another active and fun animation idea as, for instance the great classics as the musical chair game or the karaoke session, will entertain everyone, from the youngest to the oldest.

Show for the 60th

How the  birthday celebration will look like?

Did you ever watch the show « The Super Talent »? Well imagine this impressive show with the presence of the highly talented sand artist, performing a fully personalized sand animation story under the gorgeous and inspiring live orchestra music during the 60th anniversary celebration. Wouldn’t this become the dream 60th anniversary show event idea?As a genuinely family holiday it would be great if one your family members or friends could become the show master of the celebration. He or she would be responsible for arranging the smooth transition between the planned activities and announce the special show performance of the evening. 

Because of the emotionally strong subject of the sand animation show, the beauty of the performance of the sand artist and the elegancy of the musical accompaniment of orchestra, we would recommend to keep the live show for the evening of the celebration. This way a magical, soulful and memorable experience for all guests and specially for the birthday celebrant are guaranteed. Everyone will leave the party full of nostalgia, inspiration and emotionally fulfilled.

Independently on what you decide on how to celebrate and which show to include, organize an emotional event, full of joy and memorable experiences. At the end we all want to collect moments, not things, right? At the end this is  exactly what the sand animation live show will offer.