Shows for the 80th anniversary

Shows for the 80th anniversary

How is it really like to be turning 80 years old? Many would ask themselves this question or wonder. We really enjoy the version that it fees like climbing a mountain and enjoying the view! There is no way we can stop the aging process, but we can slow it down and stay in a great shape mentally and physically. Exercising, dedicating time to family and friends, enjoying hobbies and having a retirement plan will help achieving the goal of  «Aging well». We truly believe that this milestone is an important event in life of the celebrant, his or her family and friends, thus a precious reason for a brilliant celebration! 

So one of your family members is about to turn 80 and you’ve decided to throw a surprise birthday party? Organizing the biggest birthday party of the year is certainly of course no easy task. It requires creativity,  lots of efforts to make out of it a truly special, unique event that all guests and especially the birthday celebrant will always remember. Between the venue of the birthday celebration,  the theme, the menu and the entertainment program, there are so many aspects that need to be taken intro consideration. So today we will speak about the entertaining part.

Which animation and show program to choose for the 80th birthday?

We believe most would come up with the idea to start the birthday parties’ entertaining part by making a  slideshow of photos that summarize the life path of the birthday celebrant and all the love shared during the past 80 years. However not everyone knows that this can be done in a more unique and exquisite way. Consider the 80 years celebration of your family member as a  magnificent occasion for a sand animation live show, showcasing life and its important moments, however in a different way. A way that will light up souls, evoke deepest memories and emotions,  and stay forever in hearts. How is this being achieved?

sand show

First of all, a sand animation life show is fully personalized and the artist can recreate any scenes of life that you would like to showcase for the birthday celebrant and guests. Second of all, the sand animation artist will harmoniously incorporate music to highlight various periods of life, people and occasions. Last but not least, some wonderful light effects and the presence of an elegant sand artist during the event, will truly transform the masterpiece into a personal movie presented live in front of the closest people!  There are no limits on how this can be organized and personalized, but it will guaranteed be a beautiful addition to any 80th birthday milestone celebration.

By the  way a sand animation life show that is still remaining a very unique form of performance, grows nowadays in popularity for celebrating  any birthday milestones as 30th, 40th, 50th or the 60th anniversary.

What else?  

  • Inviting a Zumba trainer can be a great idea to bring up laughs and let guests enjoy some physical activity. Do you still remember the mix we need for « Aging well»?
  • Preparing a playlist from various epochs and a variety of genres to let all the generations enjoy the party. Let the dance floor become a center of numerous « personal» live shows
  • Has the birthday celebrant children and grand children? Why not to create together a musical or a dance performance to cheer up the birthday celebrant and all guests?

Definitely by knowing  better the interests, hobbies and the lifestyle of the birthday celebrant, you will definitely find the most suitable show idea: from a magician, air acrobats to a BMX life show, all is possible

How the birthday celebration will look like?

We believe that 80 years celebration should be encouraging to seniors to recognize their own memories and accomplishments by showcasing those in a personalized sand animation live show. 

It is also a perfect occasion for the birthday kid to better appreciate the circle of love and support as friends and family gather all together to celebrate.Thus it is amazing to focus on an intergenerational dynamic to bring all these ingredients together for a lively birthday party. The DIY performance of a younger generation will become such a bonding, beautiful moment of the celebration!


So how it will look like? It will certainly be a vibrant birthday celebration, filled in with nostalgia, emotions, fun and enriching personal exchanges. Start planning the celebration today to make the maximum out of this amazing milestone!