Without exaggerating, sand painting is the trend of the year 2019

Without exaggerating, sand painting is the trend of the year 2019. Despite its recent arrival in Europe, it already won the hearts of millions of spectators. It is hard to imagine that an important event takes place without this magical program. 

Renowned companies make use of sand painting to capture their greatness and success for eternity. Individuals order sand painting for weddings, birthday parties, and other important events. The magical action amazes the audience and lets the hearts beat in the rhythm of the hand movements of the artist.

Imagine detailed drawn portrait-like scenes which tell about the establishment of your company or the birth of a baby. The emotional musical accompaniment and the interplay of light and shadow allow every spectator to immerse into the story. Participate in the event and become part of the story. 

Despite the complexity of the process, sand painting is no big thing, and the implementation of a “sand story” is undoubtedly fun.

Hochzeit 2020
Sandmalerei für eine Hochzeit 2020

The customer includes his wishes; the Sand-Art team takes care of everything else. The “sand story” begins with an order on the website and goes through several phases in order to make the masterpiece a reality. Based on the photographs and the stories which you provide for us, a storyboard as well as sketches are produced, and are subsequently painted in sand.

Your chosen background music is undoubtedly connected to your life and fond memories. Together with the sand story, it will evoke deep emotions. 

The created sketches will be submitted to you for approval and, if necessary, edited. Adjustments will be made, and only after approval has been granted by the client, the process of “transferring of the sketches to sand” begins. You will receive the final product in a video format or as a live performance.

Sandmalerei für eine Hochzeit 2019
Sandmalerei Shows für ein Firmenevent 2019

Sand painting is undoubtedly a bright and emotional form of contemporary art which generates a positive atmosphere and ensures success, especially when a story of your life is presented on screen, and your beloved ones are the main characters.