How to Propose During a Pandemic: 6 Ideas

banner Propose During a Pandemic

Last year, the whole world was blindsided by a dangerous virus that ran rough-shod all over every aspect of life.

Now people are trying to adapt to a strange new world and a new reality. While the onset of the Coronavirus may have wrecked a great many plans, love conquers all, and couples are still finding inventive ways to propose. Here are the top six ideas for pandemic proposals:

Propose During a Pandemic

Virtual Travel to a Romantic Location

While traveling to many of our favorite locations on vacation is impossible or very difficult during these trying times, you can set the scene to recreate any location at home. Make your own little Rome in your living room by cooking local cuisine and setting up a backdrop of the famous scenes before you propose to your loved one, it’s the next best thing to actually being there.

Video-Chat Proposal (On Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, etc.)

One of the hardest things to get used to during the pandemic has been being separated from friends and loved ones, but human ingenuity always finds a way and has produced space age technology to use to keep in touch.

In the same way, Skype or Zoom can be used to ask the one you love to marry you.

A Sand-Art Proposal

Using the most unique art form of the modern day, you can arrange an online sand-art performance or a personalized sand painting or video, the highlight of either of which would be your proposal to your loved one. A sand artist can take pictures of you and that special someone, and transform them into a sand painting, or create an original idea to fit your designs. Or even better, the sand artist can create a video using sand animation and show your love story, as it unfolded, in sand. A perfectly customized sand painting, or sand video of your first meeting, first kiss, or any other special moment is just the thing to show your love before you pop the question.

Online Drawing Class/ Party

You can host an online drawing class or online drawing party using any video chat software and make a proposal through your artwork. A great option is to have an online art master class where you put your feelings and emotions on the canvas and express things that can’t be said with words before you surprise that special someone with your proposal.

A Proposal Message on a Mask?

Just because there’s a pandemic and everyone is wearing masks doesn’t mean you can’t add your own flair to it by putting a special message on your mask to your loved one. The first thing they will notice, upon meeting you, is the phrase, “will you marry me” scrawled across your mask. A memorable and unique way to make the best of our current situation.

A Precious Moments Slideshow

You can create a slideshow of all the happy moments between you and your loved one from the past. All your favorite photos together of vacations, dates, silly moments, etc. can be put into a slideshow to show your loved one. And of course, the most important slide is the one where you ask your loved one to marry you, which can be placed as a surprise at the end.