What is sand animation?

Sand Animation

Sand animation is a field of visual art and an exclusive technique for creating animated stories with sand. This approach allows us to produce not only animated films but also live performances for audiences of various sizes.

An image obtained by working with the loose material on a luminous surface also called a light box, is highly spectacular and impressive, quickly transforming and changing the storyline. At the same time the artist, who masters a wide range of techniques and is used to working with sand, can achieve a variety of effects, and carefully tailor the work to the smallest details, what is often inaccessible to other types of graphic art.

Vibrant live sand performances are usually accompanied by music, have a coherent theme, and are characterized by the process of transformation, namely the transition of one image into another. Few specialists in this field admit that an artist performing live for the audience needs ultimate concentration, the precision of every movement, and the high speed of drawings.

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