Show for the 50th anniversary or the happiest half-century birthday party!

sand show

Half a century of love, memories and sharing! Every birthday is important, however some are turning points, new beginnings. The first birthday, of which you most probably have no memory, the age of majority at 18, the world to conquer at 20,the start of an adult life at 30, and here it comes the half-century at 50!That’s what you are about to celebrate as your 50th birthday approaches.

A great moment that you should you mark in your memory and on your calendar. A birthday party to remember the past  5 decades  of life and to gather all those who are dear to you together. As well as a birthday party to celebrate  a completely new beginning, because in your 50s many  new ideas and projects can shape a fresh start.

The 50th anniversary concept for this symbolic date is unlike any other. Between the children’s birthday and the wedding anniversary, you have gained experience, which you would like to take full advantage of for this festive and unforgettable birthday party.

So, 50 years old, an age of reason, on which still breaths a bit of wildness and fun. It’s now or never to prove it! You might ask yourself, but how? We are persuaded, that unique animation and show ideas will definitely transform any 50th anniversary celebration into the most special one!

show act

Which animation and show program to choose for the 50th birthday?

Leaving a strong impression and making from your 50th birthday a unique moment, your ambition is clearly defined. Isn’t it the perfect opportunity to organize a karaoke? A musical interlude that will bring together all generations, while giving you the possibility to keep a hand on the programming. A dancing karaoke for the most adventurous, with the possibility of brightening up this musical interlude with various quizzes. A fun atmosphere is guaranteed. For an even more enjoyable evening, you can rent old pinball machines, arcade games, jukeboxes, a PhotoBooth for taking photos, invite a fortune teller, a magician or a hypnotist. You will certainly surprise your guests!

However there is still one thing missing, that exact sentimental moment that brings all guests together and evokes deep emotions. Over the past years the sand animation live show conquered thousands of hearts around the world and became that special treat during any milestone celebration. The thrilling performance of a sand artist will be portraying all the occasions and people that were and are important in your life. Adding the sand animation masterclass at the end of the live performance will spice up even more your 50th anniversary celebration.

So how the birthday celebration will look like?

In 50 years, you have known many styles and trends and definitely have the vision of the theme of your half-century birthday celebration: 1970th, disco, Hawaiian, all in white, oscars. The celebration venue will transform into a joyful place with corners offering various animations, mini performances and fun time to your guests. And right after the birthday dinner part when everyone is gathered together, you have planned the biggest surprise, the show performance that will transform the soiree!

With a beautiful music on he background, the talented sand artist will appear on the stage and start the magic. In just an instance all guests will enjoy the first drawings seamlessly evolving intro a story, a story of life of the birthday kid! Some guests will find their own portraits in it, others will recall that special day that they spent together with you. 

An emotional connection will become even stronger during the sand animation live show. For all those who would like to try the art of being a sand artist, a sand animation masterclass will follow the exquisite live performance.

All you guests will leave the 50th anniversary birthday party with a bucket of memories and emotions that will stay forever in their hearts! So, ready to send out the invitations to the best 50th anniversary party?