The Adventures of Pinocchio

The Adventures of Pinocchio

Pinocchio is the wonderful story of the most famous wooden doll in the world: The toymaker Geppetto creates a wooden marionette named Pinocchio. He wishes on a star that Pinocchio would be a real boy. A Blue Fairy appears and grants Geppetto his wish. Pinocchio walks away and goes through many adventures. He learns that he must prove himself worthy if he wants his father’s wish to come true. With the help of tiny Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio comes across challenges of temptation such as a sly fox and his cat and a greedy puppeteer. Pinocchio’s final challenge comes when he learns that his father goes missing by getting swallowed by a massive whale and must go find and save him.

“The Adventures of Pinocchio” is a moving sand performance for the entire family where the literary and musical classic is experienced in a new dimension. While Pinocchio is sent to more humanity, astonishing 3D Effects, live music, actors, words and sand painting guarantee an unforgettable experience. In front of the audience, the word which inscribed in the fine border of music turns around, together with the image of shiny sand.

A chamber ensemble that interprets the works of the talented composer Zoltan Almasi complements the music live reading of the popular fairy tale, enriching the sand animation.

It is long and hard work to prepare such a unique project. To achieve this, the perfect synchronisation of musicians, readers and artists is necessary. The illustrations for the fairy tale are born from sand and disappear in front of the audience. One painting flows smoothly into the other to the sound of the live music. The transformation of the paintings is very harmonic, natural and magical.

The viewing of such sand performances is an aesthetic pleasure for the audience. The spectators can immerse themselves in the fairy tale and the secret of the world of sand as well as the illusions of the painter. Unique masterpieces are created at every performance, surprising the spectator with their unpredictability!

After a successful tour in Europe, the winner of the international competition in sand animation,  shows the real time adventure Pinocchio. The entire story is told – the abduction of gold coins, the magic of the Blue Fairy, and the unexpected ending of the fairy tale! The mysterious, spooky, merging paintings will leave a lasting impression.

“As an artist, the choice to adapt the famous Italian fairy tale is not a coincidence. After I read many children’s books, my attention was drawn to the story of Pinocchio, the wooden doll whose nose gets longer and longer when he lies. The “Adventures of Pinocchio” is a beautiful, instructive fairy tale. I am convinced that this fantastic story as well as the drawings of the book characters can be even captivating when they are painted in sand! I am very happy that my little spectators can witness the life experience of the wooden doll on stage and that they can reflect upon those adventures that eventually shaped Pinocchio into the boy he desperately wished to be…”