Alice in Wonderland

Sand painting show - Alice in Wonderland

Spectacular and unique

On a beautiful afternoon, Alice follows a White Rabbit which disappears in a rabbit hole nearby. She follows him quickly and tumbles into the burrow, where she enters the merry, upside-down world of Wonderland. Her adventurous journey is highlighted by memorable songs, culminating in a crazy encounter with the Queen of Hearts and her army of playing cards.

The sand performance is one of the rarest art forms. It is extremely difficult and there are only few people that can master it. Katja D. who became famous by her participation in the German RTL television show “Das Supertalent”, presents her sand show “Alice in Wonderland”. The artist tells the story with sand on an illuminated glass table. Various animated sceneries are accompanied with music as well as a narrative voice and are presented on a big screen.

After her successful tour through Europe, the winner of the international competition for sand animation, Katja D., shows a real time adventure of Alice. The tea party, the Queen, the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit – all this is on show. The mysterious, spooky, merging paintings will leave a lasting impression.

The fairy tale told in sand includes a fluent process from one drawing to another. Thereby, each scene is accompanied with suitable music. At the same time, professional actors provide the text behind the scenes. It is rather complicated to provide the creation of the text and the replica, the preparation of the sand animation and the musical material in within a clear time frame. We prepared this fairy tale for more than a year and now we can proudly present it to our spectators.

Sand animation is a relatively young form of visual art. This method enables not only to create animated movies but also to create individual spaces for a live audience. The few artists that master this art point to the following fact: the specialist who performs live for the audience needs a border concentration, the precision of every movement and a very high execution speed for the paintings.

It begins with the speech of the sand painting assistant – this is real magic! The hands of the artists create mysterious, merging pictures on the blistering table. It is impossible to look away. The fascinating fragility and variability of the paintings is accompanied by the reading of the actors and by music.

Before the beginning of the performance, the young spectators will meet the true inhabitants of Wonderland, such as the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire cat and many other characters! The ones who have known this fairy tale from their childhood will be surprised by all the wonders that are played directly in the in the hall! This sand show is dedicated to all grown-ups who were once children…

Duration – 1 hour