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Around the world

Around the world is a moving story about how a little boy
goes on an adventurous journey from his home to a huge world. On the way
he meets friends, grows up and finds his love. Of course, during his long
journey, he peers into different corners of the world and sees amazing sights
and wonders which make a lasting impression on him.

He returns home wise with numerous interesting stories about his journey
which will always be remembered.
The artist sprinkles sand on the glowing glass table and takes the audience on
a unique journey around the world. The beautiful and educational story of the
boy is told in fine sand and accompanied by emotional music. The spectators
will be able to enjoy the natural and impressive beauties of the continents and
to immerse in the culture, the history and the wondrous animal kingdom in
various places of the world. Finally, the story of the various countries is
rounded off with suitable traditional music.

The show presents stunning sights, manners and customs, and much more in
a new light. The majestical Taj Mahal is formed by the nimble fingers of the
sand artist. Accompanied by the unmistakable music of India, a big,
ornamented elephant slowly moves to the fore. The image gradually changes
and is transformed into the famous Italian architecture while along the music
of Vivaldi, the streets of Venice come to life. While the images flow into each
other softly and gracefully, the big wonders of our world are revealed to the
audience one by one.

This interesting story is suited for children as well as for adults, as in it you will see not only the familiar and beautiful illustrations of the countries of the world, but also immerse yourself in the real-life story with its unpredictable twists of  fate.

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