Berlin – my favourite city

Berlin – my favourite city

“Berlin – my favourite city” is an impressive sand animation show program for young and old. The show tells the history of Berlin from the founding of the city to the present day in a unique way. Thereby, it dwells on moving moments in history and gives the spectator the opportunity to experience the great moments. The show is accompanied by text and music that are in perfect harmony with the story in sand.

The story begins with the image of a nature, untouched by man: the water surface, the old tree, the reeds on the shore and the squeak of mosquitoes. Here, the spectator meets the bear, which will be transformed into Albrecht the Bear – the founder of Berlin. For the next hour and a half, the spectator rushes through the centuries and with them, the history of a great city. He watches Berlin grow and develop.

The show surprises the spectator again and again with exciting and unusual details. He learns when the first lanterns were turned on the streets and the first water pumps were launched. He sees the first underground and the first tram in the heart of the city. He witnesses the modernisation and the rise of Berlin as a powerful city. He enjoys the splendour of the palaces that were built in the Kingdom of Prussia and in the German Empire, and he enjoys the diverse museums. He watches the opening of the Olympic Games and looks at the Olympic torch. He witnesses the Weimar Republic in its gloss and sees the Berlin Wall which symbolizes a divided and later a reunited city.

Finally, after a long and moving history of the city, the spectator arrives to today’s Berlin, where the everyday life in the contemporary metropolis unfolds in front of his eyes. He takes a trip out to the animals in the zoo and he experiences a fabulous party at the Carnival of cultures. He encounters the symbols of Berlin such as the Ampelmann, the television tower and the famous world time clock, the Berlinale and much more that contributes to the charm of this unique city.

The sand animation show sums up the strong impressions of the history of Berlin in an emotional and extremely impressive programme and shares the most important and moulding events with the spectator. As a loving tribute to a big city with an outstanding history, the show remains in the memory of the spectator for a long time.