Gustav Klimt. One Life – One Love

Gustav Klimt. One Life - One Love

The sand painting show «Gustav Klimt. One Life -One Love» is dedicated to the important Austrian painter Gustav Klimt and his rich artistic career. Accompanied with beautiful and melancholic music, the show tells the life story of the artist and one of the most important representatives of the Viennese Art Nouveau who inspired countless art lovers and still fascinates many art enthusiasts.

The show combines aspects of the life of the great artist and his most influential works to a magical spectacle of sand which delights the audience. The spectators have the opportunity to admire the creation of Klimt’s most important works from very close by, and the painter himself comes to life and smiles at the audience.

The sand artist reproduces the extraordinary female portraits that profoundly shape Klimt’s art in detailed sand images. Thereby, the audience has the opportunity to admire his works. Five young women in long, elegant dresses stand side by side and hold hands. A young man appears in the background and uses his paintbrush to give the evening dresses the last touch. The spectators watch how Klimt sits on a simple chair and paints an elegant woman. Slowly but surely, the scene gives way to the next image and gradually turns into the famous image “The Woman in Gold”. 

The sand show honours Klimt’s lifetime achievement and delights art lovers. Thereby, the sensitive and detailed sand paintings turn into enjoyment. The audience does not only have an opportunity to admire female figures such as “The Kiss” and “Portrait of Emilie Flöge” but also a portrait of the artist himself. The pictures emit feelings of hope, love, and death, which are in turn reflected in the sand painting. 

The inspiring sand show and the atmospheric music let the audience immerse in Klimt’s unique world of painting and remain in the memory of the spectators as an enriching spectacle.