Sand painting in Switzerland

Sand painting in Switzerland

Are you searching for a show act as your event highlight? Or do you want to give your beloved ones a unique wedding movie or a birthday video?

Order sand animation in Switzerland and charm the spectators with this unique art!

Sand painting is a delicate art form where the artist paints in sand with elegance and gentleness, thereby creating an individual story. As such, she gives you the possibility to reproduce unique moments and to capture your personal story in sand.

Depending on your ideas and wishes, your story is made specially for you and painted in sand. The atmospheric and detailed paintings are accompanied with the desired music. Thereby, sand painting evokes strong emotions and leaves a lasting impression.  

Sand painting can be ordered in Switzerland, too!

With the live performance, the sand artist appears is part of your event, where she appears at the stage. She tells your story by painting atmospheric and beautiful images in sand on a glowing glass table. The sand painting show act enables you to present yourself and your company in a unique and unforgettable way. Whether as a highlight of a corporate event or as an eyecatcher at a company celebration such as a Christmas Party, you can book our sand artists for any event. The sand painting live performance can also give a special touch to creative and cultural events such as a concert. Surprise your guests before the dinner, offer memorable entertainment to visitors to the gala or perfect your corporate celebration with a memorable sand painting show act.

In a Sand Art Video, detailed images are painted in sand according to the photographs provided by you. Subsequently, the images are connected by individual transitions. Furthermore, your video is accompanied by the desired music. The Sand Art Video is well-suited for private events such as a birthday celebration, a youth inauguration, a wedding celebration or an anniversary as well as for various events such as a corporate event, a gala, a Christmas Party, a presentation or a fair. You can also order a Sand Art Video that can help you to visualize your aims and to always keep them in sight. Finally, you can let us create an inimitable commercial in which you can present your product in a unique way. Surprise a beloved bridal couple with a wedding video, give your beloved ones a birthday movie or bring new shine to your company with a Sand Art commercial

Order sand animation and let us know your ideas and wishes! Whether you wish for a sand painting live performance or a Sand Art Video, our artists guarantee you and the spectators an unforgettable experience.