Show Act

Sand Painting Show Act

The solo artist performs at an event in front of an audience, where he presents entertainment and creates a pleasant atmosphere.

A sand painting show act is a unique performance where the sand artists turn the ideas and wishes of the organizers into reality.

Sand painting show act for various events:

– Would you like to organize a unique, emotional Christmas party for your employees?

– Are you considering to make your company jubilee even more enjoyable with a sand painting live performance?

– Do you want to delight your wedding guests with a sand painting show act?

– Do you wish to compliment a gala with an impressive sand painting show act?

Whether the occasion is a company celebration, an anniversary or another event, the live performance of our artists is always a highlight.

A sand painting show act is also suitable as a wonderful framework programme for private celebrations such as a wedding or a birthday party.

During the sand painting show act, every event can be captured in interleaved flowing images in front of the audience.

In line with the theme of the event, the artist sprinkles sand on the table, her nimble fingers painting a beautiful picture. The sand grains tell a story that is followed by a breathless audience.

Whether you wish to evoke the history of the origins of your company, draw attention to your enterprise or create a private party in a unique way, your story will be presented in a spectacular manner and will leave a lasting impression on the attendees.

Book a sand painting show act and enjoy your event with a direct, personal performance of our sand artists!