Turning 70 soon? Show for the exceptional birthday celebration

Less stress, more time, more stability. Some people in their 70s would say they are happier than the younger generation – is 70 the new 50? Seventy years old means a life filled in with achievements,  decisions, love of the growing family, various enriching experiences, and  is certainly the beginning of new adventures! The world offers us many exciting possibilities, so the person achieving this age would definitely like to continue enjoying and filling in life with precious moments, staying curious and open to new experiences. Realizing that this remarkable day can only be once in life, makes you think of how to turn your 70th birthday  into a special event? Apart from standard set ups, are you at the crossroads to choose the best show and animation for your guests?

Which animation and show program to choose for your 70th birthday?

We have selected 2 wonderful options for an amazing anniversary celebration.

A ball-musette or a musical entertainment.  Became first popular in Paris in 1880s, a musette is an entertaining way of bringing charming atmosphere and joy to your birthday celebration. Let your guests become performers in festive dresses and suits from the Belle Epoque. Turn to professionals including an orchestra most often composed of an accordionist playing tango, waltz or foxtrot, to organize the event echoing one of the most remarkable époques of the European culture. You can also think of hiring a dance teacher who can guide the shyest ones on the dance floor to reveal their full potentials and  let them become the dancing stars of the evening! A musical soirée with Brazilian rhythms or any other national music & dance that you enjoy the most can be a great choice of  a show program for your birthday celebration.

A sand animation live show

Probably one of the most unique ways worldwide to celebrate an important milestone in someone’s life, the sand animation is a personalized story of life created with so much care and professionalism. Collect all photo and video materials that are dear to your heart, and let them be showcased in an extraordinary way, in your personal sand movie shown by a sand artist during the magical celebration evening! The flexibility of the sand masterpiece has no limits, so let your wishes and fantasy fly! 

We can imagine that you have gathered so many remarkable events and memories over the passed 69 years of life, why not to revive all those memories in your personal sand movie? In addition your guests can find their portraits and your mutual stories incorporated into the sand story. Your birthday will artistically and emotionally be enhanced with a magical performance of a talented sand artist, and the video recording will forever remind of this wonderful evening with your dearest guests.

The sand animation life performance has since many years been a wonderful show idea for such milestone anniversaries as the 50th and the 60th celebrations.

How the birthday celebration will look like?

By combining the musical and the sand animation show programs, you will achieve a right balance for your guests. The musical part will activate all guests, let them become stars of the evening, have much fun and show their dancing skills. The sand animation life performance part will become the culmination of the birthday  celebration with its incredibly strong emotional impact on every guest. The presence of the sand artist, the background music, the magical light effects will make all your guests dive into the world of incredible beauty, told by your emotional story of life. At the end of the performance you can also organize with the sand artist a sand animation masterclass.  This workshop has always a great success and allows guests to leave the celebration with amazing memories and learn something new.

We hope to have inspired you for your 70th birthday celebration! If you would like to know more about sand animation, read our article « What is the sand animation».