Star Way

Star Way is an enchanting show program dedicated to the great
personalities of the past century. This special sand show favourably mentions
the most influential artists of the entertainment industry and offers the
audience a unique and unforgettable experience.

The sand painting show takes the spectators to an exciting and eventful
journey through the 20 th century. Here, the stars of the cinema and the theatre
come to life in fine and detailed sand portraits. The fascinating time journey
begins in the silent movie era, where the spectators meet the unique and
gifted Charlie Chaplin. As time goes by, many innovations in the entertainment
industry follow and with them, new stars rise in those exciting times.

Together with the sand paintings of the beginnings of the film industry, the artist creates vivid, unusual and heart-warming portraits of the most popular musicians who significantly shaped the various decades of the 20 th century. The itinerary continues, and Charlie Chaplin is joined by Elvis Presley and his guitar, the unmistakable Edith Piaf, the legendary Beatle John Lennon, the magnificent Michael Jackson and many other fantastic artists who are an integral part of the history of show business.

All this is accompanied by well-known musical compositions which are carefully chosen to suit the atmosphere. Through the combination of fascinating sand painting and atmospheric music, movie and theatre lovers as well as nostalgics will spend a diverting evening.